Pompula (*pompom* in Finnish) is a small brand from Dornbirn, Austria. I am Marjut, founder of Pompula, Finn and mother of two fabulous children. From my childhood on I have loved to sew clothes and in 2015 I started to sew my children beanies and loops from cotton jersey fabrics. At that time I was working as a shopping advisor for danish children's brand POMPdeLUX and beneath that Pompula took flight and my first 500 beanies and loops were sold in a couple of weeks.


My customers are mostly from Voralrberg region but as I opened my webshop, I ship to other European countries too. Before I became a mother, I studied classical singing in Finland and Germany and I am still working as a singer and a singing teacher too. That is one reason why Pompula has been growing very slowly, but I have come to the conclusion that I can't live without being creative and doing stuff with my hands. Pompula is not about to become a huge company, my goal is to create something new and special for my own and your children to wear. For me the quality is more important than the quantity.


If I am not singing, teaching or grabbing mould in my garden, I am surely sewing or drawing new designs! I have many plans for the future, so I hope you will stay tuned to what is coming next!